statement and contact

My studio practice is largely interdisciplinary and relies heavily on time-intensive processes. These include the fiber techniques of embroidery and papermaking, as well as printmaking, bookbinding structures, and perhaps most importantly, the idea of process as content. 

Many of my interests revolve around time and space and our limited perception of both; these interests are represented through visual explorations of the universe that surrounds us. My most recent pieces observe the universe through the lens of the past. This contrast serves to highlight our modern technological era and our acceptance of disconnection through a growing withdrawal from reality. I counter this acceptance through the commitment of intensive hours relating to our struggle to find the answers.

In my work, the element of labor invested serves as a metaphor to grapple with our smallness in the vastness of the cosmos. Repetitive motion represents the endeavors of humanity and our attempts to overcome our insignificance, and serves as a reminder of our need for connection.

I would love to hear from you.

Instagram: jerinpaulson